It’s the little things

My washing machine broke the other day.

Yeah. Not cool.

We do a million loads of laundry a week. What was I going to do without my washer?

Fast forward two weeks, after several calls to the repair company and a trip to the laundromat, the repair guy finally arrived. And fixed the washer. Hallelujah!

Repairing that thing wasn’t an easy process. The washing machine wouldn’t drain and was as heavy as an elephant. I know because I tried to move it. Anyway, he had to move it out of the corner, and tip it up sideways in order to reach the pump, and drain it by hand.

And oh my goodness! The water that had been sitting in the washer STUNK! To high heaven! I felt so sorry for that guy! Superman kept running around yelling and holding his nose. He was henceforth banned from the basement.

And then, by the magic that is repair guys, it was fixed. He tested it, and it is now working beautifully.

We are now washing Load # 2. In a million. Pray for me, folks. It’s going to be a hard week.

Right before he left, the repair guy showed me what had broken the machine. A sewing needle had somehow gotten down into the pump and got stuck there.

A tiny needle.


It's the small things that make the difference. Needles kill washers. Attitudes kill relationships.
Photo credit: jfrancis via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Who would have thought? Such a little tiny thing. Not much to worry about, right? And who notices a needle in a laundry stack?

Obviously, I should have gone through that pile of laundry more carefully. Maybe I need to start shaking every towel before dropping it into the washing machine. Surely I’m not the only one who just dumps the whole stack into the machine?

When I looked at that tiny, now broken needle lying in his hand, I thought of how well this principle applies to life.

It’s the little things.

Negative attitudes can turn us into bitter, angry people.
Bad habits can turn into wrong behavior.
Indifference and apathy can kill relationships.
Secret sins can separate us from God.

And the thing is – we sometimes don’t even notice them. That’s why the psalmist prayed,

Who can detect his own mistake? Cleanse me from hidden sin.
Psalm 19:12 NIV

I’m sure he knew he had sinned when he committed adultery. I’m sure he knew that he was wrong to have that same woman’s husband killed. David knew he was a sinner.

But he still prayed, “Cleanse me from hidden sins.”


The opposite is also true.

While a small straw can break a camel’s back, a small kindness can change a person’s life.

A simple smile can make someone realize that life is worth living.

A kind word can make someone’s day better.

An “I’m sorry” can mend relationships.

What little things have you noticed in your life? Please connect with me! I really love to hear from you!




























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