Free Printables for your Homeschool

A few weeks ago, I posted about homeschooling on a budget, and I promised to bring you some more of my favorites.  So here goes! Of course, most of these free printables would be great for summer learning even if you don’t homeschool!


Where do I find free printables for my homeschool?

Oh my goodness! There are so, so many free printables online that you can use in your homeschool, it isn’t even funny! All you have to do is google free homeschool printables, and you will most likely find something that will fit your needs.  Anything from Minecraft to diagramming sentences. There is everything from preschool to high school, and everything in between.

Just a note: The links to these free printables all worked at the time of this post.


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These are some of my favorite printable resources:

Amazing List of Homeschool Printables!


There are more printable planners out there that you can shake a stick at (as my daddy always says!) But, I have listed some of my favorites here.

Five J’s 2016-2017 Printable Homeschool Planner – I love Five J’s planner! It is just what I need!

She also has a high school planner I love! (I know… there’s no way I’m old enough to have a high-schooler!)

Charlotte Mason Planner – I love the habit printable on this one!

Or if you use unit studies – This is a good unit study planner.

Preschool Weekly Planner – This is a great way to plan your week for the littles!

And there are a bazillion more out there! Follow me on Pinterest to find all kinds of great printables!

Preschool Printables


Spring-y Pond Preschool Printables – Try saying that three times fast!

Farm Cutting Practice – this is so cute! And my kiddos always loved to cut.

Tree Play Dough Counting Mats – Gotta love hands on learning!


Language Arts and Phonics:

Story Trains – This is so cute! I think I will be printing this one for my girly.

Montessori Pink Level – This looks like a really great resource for teaching your child to read!



History and Geography:

Comic Strip Illustrations – I just grabbed these to use with my kiddos next year! I love notebooking and this looks like a cool way to narrate a history lesson!

Free Printable Blank Maps – I am always on the lookout for great ways to teach geography since I feel like I am lacking in that area. So these are great!

20 Free History Coloring Pages – Tina’s site has so many great printables, including a great homeschool planner, but we are reading some books on Lewis and Clark this summer (since we didn’t get it done during the school year!) and I think these are great!!

Lewis and Clark Lapbook – Speaking of Lewis and Clark, Tina has a great unit study with a lapbook up on her site, also. I am planning to use some of this one for my kids.

Presidents of the US Notebooking and Coloring Pages: I am planning to go over the presidents as we hit that time period during the next year, and this looks like a great resource for that!

Mystery of History Timeline Characters – Oh my goodness! I was trying to be finished with this section, but then I came across this website. They have timeline characters for all four volumes of Mystery of History, plus coloring pages that would be great for coloring while listening to read-alouds! Click around the site for all of the wonderful goodies. I just couldn’t pass up sharing this one with you!


Science and Math:

Homeschool Clipart Printables – This site has so much great high-quality clip art, that you will have a hard time choosing which ones to print! And not just science, but click around for other subjects too!

Nature Scavenger Hunt – One of my favorite things about the Charlotte Mason method is the emphasis on time spent outdoors. I would much rather be watching birds in real life and learning their habits from observation that filling out a silly worksheet about said bird. So get outside with your kids by using this scavenger hunt printable!

Multiplication Facts Game – What better way to learn your multiplication facts than with a game? I’m downloading this one for my youngers to practice with!

Mathified Squares Game – I loved this game when I was a kid. And now it’s even better because it’s mathified!

Just for Fun:

Beach Scavenger Hunt – Learning can happen even on vacation! This scavenger hunt looks like lots of fun, just in time for a beach vacation!

Happy Family Art Coloring Pages – Have you followed the new adult coloring pages trend? I haven’t had a chance to sit down and do any myself, but my teenager loves them. This page has lots  of different coloring pages for all ages!

Oh my word! I have had so much fun gathering up all of these links! There are so many, many resources out there, that you could spend forever looking for and printing all of the great things that would be useful in your home.

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