Giant List of Amazing Free Printables for your homeschool and summer learning!

Free Printables for your Homeschool

A few weeks ago, I posted about homeschooling on a budget, and I promised to bring you some more of my favorites.  So here goes! Of course, most of these free printables would be great for summer learning even if you don’t homeschool! Where do I find free printables for my homeschool? Oh my goodness! There are so, so many free printables online that you can use in…

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Homeschooling on a Budget

I know, I know. Everyone has a budget for their homeschool books and activities, right? Some are just larger than others. You know – the budget where you can buy whatever you need without thinking about it? Yeah, that isn’t my budget! There have been years when I had less than $100 for all three kids, and years when my budget was higher than that.…

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