Mom after God’s Heart

Lessons learned about mistakes

A couple of days ago, I fell. Flat on my face. Literally. I haven’t fallen so hard since I was three years old, and busted my lip and my favorite froggy toy wide open. My mom tells me that fall made me stop sucking my thumb, because it was too painful. And similarly, I learned a few things when I fell this time too. I want to share with…

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Why we need a vision

It’s been a long time since I posted on this blog. I have lots of excuses… It’s the beginning of summer and it’s been really busy. I was sick. We went to church camp. But all of these “reasons” would be just excuses. The real reason I haven’t posted in the past month is because I didn’t know what to write. Every time I sat…

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It's the small things that make the difference. Needles kill washers. Attitudes kill relationships.

It’s the little things

My washing machine broke the other day. Yeah. Not cool. We do a million loads of laundry a week. What was I going to do without my washer? Fast forward two weeks, after several calls to the repair company and a trip to the laundromat, the repair guy finally arrived. And fixed the washer. Hallelujah! Repairing that thing wasn’t an easy process. The washing machine…

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Are you missing the now?

A few days ago, we had a joint birthday party for my two spring-birthday kiddos (who are now 14 and 8!!!). I had invited a friend of mine, who has two boys, one of which is two years old. And as she was wrangling her toddler, as all toddler-moms will understand, someone mentioned how fast these days are gone. I think the exact words were,…

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When life isn't what you expected

When life isn’t what you expected

When I was a small girl, I dreamed of growing up and getting married to my knight in shining armor, and galloping off into the sunset, to live happily ever after. I wanted a house with a picket fence, and lots of babies, and maybe a dog or two. Life would be grand. But that’s not how it turned out. Nearly four years ago, I…

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Today is Day One

Day one. Clean Slate. No mistakes. Yet. Last night I went to bed discouraged. Defeated. The day didn’t go the way I wanted it to. None of my checkboxes got checked. I yelled at the kids. The house is still a mess. We didn’t get any school done at all. And I went to bed discouraged and defeated. But no matter how bad yesterday was,…

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