100 Free Unit Study Resources to Make History More Exciting

This post is about 100 things – 100 Free History Unit Study Resources to homeschool History for FREE! Study events and people from Ancient History to Modern Day for free and make your history studies more exciting!

100 Free History Unit Study Resources to Homeschool History for FREE! Study events and people from Ancient History to Modern Day, free!

100 Free Unit Study Resources to Homeschool History for FREE! Study events and people from Ancient History to Modern Day, free!

If you have been a reader of this blog for any amount of time, you probably know how much I love studying / teaching / reading about history! I love to think about what their lives were like, the difficulties and joys they faced, and how I would have responded in their place.

One of my favorite ways to study history, is to immerse myself and my kids into a certain era or event and learn everything we can from that time period. Many times the things we learn overlap and we can make connections to other eras and even our own lives.

So, today I am bringing you a special post with 100 hands-on history units and activities to help make history come alive with your kids! I will group them roughly by time period so that it will be easier to find the things you are looking for. But while we study history roughly in order, you don’t have to go in any certain order. Sometimes we just pick something that seems interesting and study that for a while.

And be sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to find out about 100 things I think you will be really interested in!!! (Hint: it will help you afford some new homeschool goodies!)

General History Resources

  1. 5 Tips to Help your Kids Love History– Life as Lanhams
  2. Printable Timeline Figures from Ancient to Modern Time– My Homeschool Printables
  3. Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool History
  4. Designing Your Own History Curriculum– Nicki Truesdell (Just a quick note: This is exactly how I do history studies! Some great tips here!)

Ancient History Resources – Creation to 500 AD

  1. Free Ancient History Curriculum– Guest Hollow
  2. Art Around the Ancient World– Harrington Harmonies
  3. Ancient Egypt Unit Study– Walking by the Way
  4. Hands-On Activities and Ideas for an Ancient Egypt Unit Study – Homeschool Giveaways
  5. Ancient Greece Unit Study– Premeditated Leftovers
  6. Ancient Rome FREE Unit Studies, Printables and Ideas– Homeschool Giveaways
  7. Roman History Printable Resources– Amy’s Wanderings
  8. Hands-on History Activities for Learning about Ancient Civilizations– Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool
  9. Ancient China Mini-Theme Unit– Our Montessori Home
  10. Ancient China Lapbook– Homeschool Share
  11. Ancient Maya Lapbook– Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool

Middle Ages History Resources – 500 AD to 1400 AD

  1. Homeschool History Lesson Plan: Medieval Unit– 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  2. Medieval Chemistry and Homeschool History – Fun Hands-On Activity– Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool
  3. Medieval Unit: The Vikings– The Unlikely Homeschool
  4. Teach your Kids about… Vikings– The Canadian Homeschooler
  5. Vikings Unit Study– Investing Love
  6. Elementary Middle Ages Study– Our Journey Westward
  7. Jousting Activity for King Arthur Unit– Adventures in Mommydom
  8. Knights Unit Study and Emergent Reader– Enchanted Homeschooling Mom
  9. The Door in the Wall Literature Unit Study– Liberty Hill House
  10. Medieval Activities for Kids– Kids Activities Blog
  11. Michelangelo Unit Study– Confessions of a Homeschooler

Modern History – 1400 AD to Present

American History General Resources

  1. American Historical Fiction– Life as Lanhams
  2. Native American Unit Study– Learning With My Boys
  3. Early American History Activities for Kids– Education Possible

1400 AD – 1700 AD

  1. Martin Luther Unit Study– Homeschool Helper Online
  2. Christopher Columbus Unit Study Resources– Life as Lanhams
  3. Early Explorers Unit Study– Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers
  4. Explorers Unit Study / Notebooking Pages– Homeschool Share
  5. Early American History Lesson Plans– Cotton Ridge Homeschool
  6. A Study on Pablo Picasso – Lesson Plans and Ideas for Picture Study– Life as Lanhams
  7. Creative Colonial Hands-On History Projects– Education Possible
  8. Colonial America Activities –
  9. Discovering Jamestown– Jamestown Settlement
  10. Jamestown Lesson Plan– Hubpages
  11. Mayflower Unit Study– Meet Penny
  12. Isaac Newton Study and Science Lessons– Nicki Truesdell
  13. Salem Witch Trials– Mr. Donn

18th Century

  1. Autumn in Colonial America– Classes by Beth Plus
  2. Benjamin Franklin Lesson Ideas– Teach Beside Me
  3. Benjamin Franklin Lapbook– Homeschool Share
  4. Ultimate Guide to Studying Ben Franklin– Mama’s Learning Corner
  5. French and Indian War Unit– Home With The Three Bears
  6. French and Indian War Lapbook– Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool
  7. American Revolution Unit – Homeschool Helper Online
  8. Mission US Online Revolution Game
  9. Revolutionary War Unit – 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  10. American War for Independence – Hubpages
  11. American Girl – Felicity’s World Unit – Field of Daisies
  12. Johnny Tremain Literature Unit – Homeschool Helper Online
  13. Johnny Tremain Book and A Movie – Adventures in Mommyhood
  14. Taxation without Representation Role Playing Activity – Young Teacher Love
  15. George Washington Mini Unit – Lesson Plan of Happiness
  16. How Do I Teach Betsy Ross – How Do I Teach
  17. Simple Flag Activity – Housing a Forest

19th Century

  1. Westward Expansion Unit – Our Westward Journey
  2. Westward Expansion Unit Study – 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  3. Westward Expansion Unit – Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers
  4. Lewis and Clark Unit Ultimate Guide – Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool
  5. Lewis and Clark Board Game – Deceptively Educational
  6. The Man and the Myths: Exciting Daniel Boone Unit– Life as Lanhams
  7. Erie Canal Unit – Mama’s Learning Corner
  8. Montessori-Inspired Pioneer Unit – Living Montessori Now
  9. Pioneer Journals – Literacy Loves Company
  10. A Summer of Little House Living – Angelic Scalliwags
  11. Using Little House in Your Homeschool – Free Homeschool Deals
  12. Little House on the Prairie Unit Study – Living Montessori Now
  13. Slavery and Civil War Unit Study – Our Journey Westward
  14. Civil War Unit Study – Susan Evans
  15. American Girl Addy: Civil War Unit – Fields of Daisies
  16. George Washington Carver Unit Study – Proverbial Homemaker / Classes by Beth Plus
  17. Chicago Fire Free Resources – Corkboard Connections
  18. California Gold Rush Unit – Hubpages
  19. 21 Elephants Lesson on the Brooklyn Bridge – Playground Parkbench

20th Century

  1. What Caused World War I? – Adventures in Mommydom
  2. World War I Free Lesson Plans – Mr. Donn
  3. Titanic Unit Study – Living Books Curriculum (Free as of this writing, prices are subject to change)
  4. Titanic Unit Study Revisited – Small World At Home
  5. Inventors and Inventions Unit Study – Free Homeschool Deals
  6. Susan B. Anthony Activities – BrainPop
  7. Walt Disney Unit Study – Table Life Blog
  8. I am Helen Keller Mini Unit – As They Grow Up
  9. Great Depression Unit Study – Family, Home and Health
  10. Theodore Roosevelt Unit Studies and Printables – Homeschool Giveaways
  11. Flight Unit Study Resources – Premeditated Leftovers
  12. I am Amelia Earhart – Surviving a Teacher’s Salary
  13. WWII Resources – Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool
  14. World War II Christmas Activities – Free Homeschool Deals
  15. Remembrance Day Lesson Plans – 2 Peas and a Dog
  16. Pearl Harbor Unit Study – Gypsy Road School
  17. The First Moon Landing Mini-Unit – DIY Homeschooler
  18. 24 Martin Luther King Jr. Activities – 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  19. Mother Teresa Printables – This Sweet Life of Mine
  20. Ronald Reagan Lesson Plans – Reagan Foundation

21st Century

  1. Celebrating Nelson Mandela – Social Savvy Mom
  2. Discussing 9-11 in the Classroom – Young Teacher Love


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